Wednesday, December 25, 2013

In 2014..

Hi guys! Since it's almost 2014, I'll show you what are the things I am looking forward to in 2014. I have tons of wishes and hopes in 2014 but I'll stick with kikay things which I crave the most =)

1. SHOES!!

Who wouldn't want to have these babies to match their cute outfits?! I've been in love with heels ever since I've known them. 

The way they give you the confidence you want.


More clothes for 2014 please! I'm not maarte when it comes to clothes as long as it looks good on me, I don't care about the brand, (in fact, 168 Divisoria is my favorite shopping place!) If I have the money, I'll bring that babe straight to the cashier for the haggled price. It's tiangge baby, haggle all you want!

3. Jewelries

A jewelry once a while is a must! I'm not hooked with jewelries but once I feel that I need a little bit of something to complete my outfits, that when jewelries take place.

I started drafting this post last December 24 (Christmas Eve) because I'm running out of skincare kaartehan. But when Christmas came, I received 5 sets of bath collections (Thank you titas!) plus 2 unused set from my birthday. So I guess number 4 will be discarded cause I think I have a full year supply, hopefully. I'll be blogging about the bath kaartehans soon.

Ever since I stepped out of Highschool, I stopped using lipbalms. They're colorless which is not suitable for a stressed college girl (for me). Thus, a colored lips can shoo away all the stress from studying.
I've tried lots of lipbalms before like Chapstick, Baby lips, and Lip ice but I have never tried Lipsmacker, so yeah, I'll be buying them next year. See how it works =)

And of course, who wouldn't want to have another year full of cosmetics and cute makeups? I'm looking forward in trying new makeups.

So here's what I'm looking forward to in 2014. It looks more like a shopping list, I know. But this is what I want =)

No regrets in 2014 please?

Disclaimer: All images in this post are from the internet. Credit goes to the owner/s =) 

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