Monday, December 2, 2013

Forever 21 cosmetic hauls

Forever 21 is an American chain of clothing retailers with branches in major cities in America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East that offers clothing and accessories for young women, men, and teen girls. (c)Wikipedia

Hi readers! I'm about to introduce you to my Forever 21 makeups, the Love and Beauty. They were from my cousins abroad and they're so cute and so handy!!

  • Eyeshadow palette, natural

Love and Beauty by Forever 21! The original price of this eye color is 2.50$ but is now down to 1.99$ (indicated in the plastic cover of it)

  • Eyeshadow block

 I forgot how much this one is :( but what I can say is that, above the three of the eyeshadow block/palette, this one is what I like the most.

I don't know why golden eyeshadow really fascinates me. The black color has a velvety finish and it's not glittery unlike the first three colors, good for those who are into smokey eyes.

  • Eyeshadow palette, gold/bronze
The color is sweeeeeet. Like what I've said earlier, I really like gold eyeshadows but I'm not into this one.
It's not that pigmented. The glitters doesn't stay put on the colors. It's quite hard to explain lol. The glitters doesn't seem to be natural.

  • Blush
The cheek color! I like how the different colors will blend as soon as you've put them in your face.

As you see, the color's not that noticeable. The problem is that it is very light which makes your cheek white not pinkish.

  • Lip gloss
This one's my favorite! I'm not a fan of lip gloss but I'm glad to have these babies in my kit. I can't provide swatches cause it's obviously a lip gloss and it doesn't make a different, it'll vary on the lipstick/stain that you have.

 The least that I like is Guava Sorbet, it tastes nothing but oil :(

 This one's delicious hihi. It tastes (obviously) and it smells good, too.

The most delicious of the three, it tastes like...i don't know lol can't explain the taste. It smells good also.

So here's my mini makeup collection from Love and Beauty by Forever 21! I think all their makeups are affordable compare to the others. Like what I've said, it's all handy =) Thank you for reading, sweethearts.

Disclaimer: The photos are all mine except for the first picture which is the logo of Forever 21.


  1. I'm seeing some Love & Beauty at Forever 21. I love the lip gloss in Strawberry and that block palette :)

    1. *fangirls* Hi Ate Genzel!!!! I can't believed that the first blog comment that I'll ever have is from one of my favorite bloggers! hihi thank you for stopping by =)