Friday, April 25, 2014

Review: Bench Paintbox's soft shine lipstick

One of the things I love the most are the lipsticks! I'm always excited to buy new ones and try on new shades. So I was quite eager to find out the my lipstick from Avon's almost gone. I went to the mall to actually buy a lipstick from Wet n Wild but their stall's gone..idk where to find to it so I went to my second choice which was Paintbox.

This is my second time to use Bench's makeup line, the first one was the blusher and it turns out to be fine and I'm still using it :)

I'm a big fan of pink lippies so I bought this Juicy Pink shade. I was about to buy the other one but sadly, they ran out of stocks :( No regrets in this shade, though.

The back of the box. Err, I forgot to check the date of manufacturing, I should have bought the fresher product.

 I really, really love the shade. It matches my nail polish, Glaze Flare from Chic. It suits me well :)

Sorry for the LQ swatch hihi.

My overall verdict: 4.5/5
It dries out the lips, sometimes create patches and not that long lasting.

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