Friday, January 31, 2014

Review: Bench's Paint box blusher

It has been a while. I haven't done much reviewing because I've been busy in school. You know, college. I was in SM Manila earlier with my friends when I remembered that my Nichido blusher's gone (thanks to my sister who "accidentally" dropped it). So we went pass Bench to check on their cosmetic line, Paint box. We're in a hurry so without any doubts, I grabbed one, tried few shades, then went directly to the counter.

You can get this blusher for P168.00

Out of 4 shades (I think, can't recall sorry hihi) I chose Cheeky Pink because...I don't know, the color's cute and it matches my skin tone.

 It's pigmented, you can go with one swipe :)

It also has a compartment in it, yehey mirror and brush!! What I don't like about the brush is that it doesn't have plastic in it (for correcting the position of the bristles) and the bristles of the brush is quite...ugly lol, it's not that firm and I've noticed that it breaks away easily.

Since this one is a powder blush, it has a maximum effect of 3 hours or less. And one more thing, the name of the brand seems to fade easily :(

My verdict: 3/5
Not sure if I'll repurchase though.

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