Thursday, May 8, 2014

Avon hauls

Avon is once again, on sale! Since one of our workers is an Avon lady, it has been to pleasure to order makeups without stepping a foot outside (especially in this season where in you can cook eggs through the heat of the sun, ugh) Anyways, before I proceed, I just want to say sorry for the LQ pictures. I need to get my phone upgraded, really.
Let's start first with Avon's 5pc brush set. I got this for only 99 pesos!! From P399 to P99 :) Got myself a great deal here.

The brushes are quite stiff and to be honest, not that good for a product that used to cost P399.

After the brushes, let's see what the Glimmersticks can offer :)

 This one is in Starlight blue shade. I love how long this lasts and it's easiness to use. Just twist and swipe :) You can see the swatch below. It's glittery color is just enough for the eyes. I got this one for P99 for a regular price of P250!!

So this will be it :)
My verdict: 3/5 for brushes
                    4/5 for the glimmersticks

See you next time! :)

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